Born in Lorain, Ohio.

Instagram: @tina_tammaro

Studio of Tina Tammaro
January 1996 to Present
 * Working studio
 * Private and small group lessons in painting and art history
  *Frequent contributor to numerous international magazines and their internet sites

DAAP/School of Art/University of Cincinnati
Fall 2012 to 2018
Life Painting
Life Drawing
Intro to Painting
Drawing I (Foundations)

Book: Best of Poems and Drawings for Peace and Justice for a Better World (2004-2015)
by Greater Cincinnati Artists
my drawing accompanies Angela Derrick's poetry
Compiled by Saad Ghosen

Lecture: Dialogue with the Public: concerning difficult social justice themes
Cincinnati Art Museum Education Department
January 2016

Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society
May 2, 2012
Lecture: "Goals of an artist: avant-garde versus art to please"

"Red" at Playhouse in the Park
October 15 - November 12, 2011
Playbill essay for "Red": "The World of Mark Rothko"

Playhouse Perspectives
October 30, 2011
Pre-Show Lecture for play "Red"

Bromwell's Art Gallery
September 17, 2009
Lecture: "The Unclothed Figure in Contemporary Art"

Women's Art Club of Cincinnati
2007 to Present
Monday morning painting and art history lessons

Woman's Club of Cincinnati
Distinguished Art Lecture: "Wyeth versus Warhol: discussions in Contemporary art"

Women's Club of Cincinnati
2006 to Present
Paintings, demonstrations and art history lessons for Women's Art Group

Contributing Editor of The Artist's Magazine

Re-Max Affiliates
54" X 96" painting on canvas (lobby)
installed Spring 2003

Mailender, Inc.
48" X 96" painting on canvas (President's office)
installed Fall 2002

Cincinnati Art Club
October 2002
Lecture: "Contemporary Art: the avant-garde and the 'pretty' art world"

Master Class Studios
September 1999 to 2001
Master Instructor of Painting and Drawing

Art History Lecture Series
November 1999 to October 2000
Art History lecture series  for The Artist's Magazine

Jewish Women's Group (Marilyn Gallant)
December 13, 1999
Lecture: "The Two Worlds of the Contemporary Art World"

F&W, Inc.
May 1995 to August 1999
 * Instructor for North Light Art School
 * Column Writer and Illustrator for The Artist's Magazine

The Artist's Magazine Watercolor Workshop (Monterey, CA)
January 1998
 * Instructor

Art Academy of Cincinnati
Summer 1997 & Spring 1996
 * Guest Lecturer
    Topics: Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial
                  Poetry and American Art

Art Academy of Cincinnati
Fall Semester 1994 through Spring Semester 1996
 * Adjunct Instructor (drawing and foundation)

Northern Kentucky University
Department of Fine Arts
 * Adjunct Instructor (drawing, painting, contemporary art studies and art history)

University of Cincinnati
Department of Fine Arts
Fall, Winter & Spring Quarters 1992-1993
 * Graduate Teaching Assistant (drawing)

Krohn Conservatory's Hothouse Horticulture Series
July 29, 1992
* Guest Lecturer: "The Depiction of Nature in Contemporary Art"

Whitney Museum of American Art
Summer 1990
 * Consultant to the Department of Public Education
 * Developed new educational materials for upcoming retrospective exhibitions of Donald Judd
    and Thomas Hart Benton
 * Created a new brochure for their Artreach Program
 * Organized and Taught an American Art Seminar for new lecture staff

Art Academy of Cincinnati
Fall 1988
Seminar: "The History of the Whitney Museum of American Art's Biennial and Annual Exhibitions"

Whitney Museum of American Art
1984 through June 1988
 * Staff Lecturer & Educator
 * Assistant Coordinator of School Programs

The 92nd Street Young Men's and Women's Hebrew Association (NYC)
1987 through Summer 1988
 * Lecturer
Created and executed Seminars on current museum exhibitions at a number of art institutions
(The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National Gallery in D.C., the Hispanic Society of America,
The Brandywine Museum in Pennsylvania and the Museum of Modern Art)

Summerfair Aid to Individual Artist's Grant recipient (2015)
Summerfair Aid to Individual Artists Grant recipient (2005)
Kentucky Foundation for Women Artist Enrichment Grant recipient (2005)
University of Cincinnati Summer Research Fellowship (1982)
DAAP Art History Travel Fellowship to NYC (Spring 1983)

Carin Hebenstreit Studio
 * Private lessons in old master oil painting techniques 1995-1997
 * Private lessons in terra cotta figure sculpture 1996

University of Cincinnati MFA
Concentration in drawing, with specific attention to life drawing
Work towards an MA in Art History
 * President of Graduate Student Association
 * Received a University Summer Research Fellowship
 * Received an Art History Travel Fellowship to NYC

Whitney Museum of American Art
As a lecturer at this institution, I was given the opportunity to participate in seminars with numerous artists, critics and historians including: Eric Fischl, Robert Pincus-Witten, Sherrie Levine, Brice Marden, Alex Katz, Elizabeth Murray, Julian Schnabel, Gary Indiana, Laurie Anderson, Dara Birmbaum, Robert Farras Thomson and David Salle.

New School for Social Research (NYC)
Participated in intensive courses. Seminar topics included: "American Modernism",
"America Discovers America", "Dada and Surrealism Workshop", "Dada and Surrealism in New York"
and "Culture of the 1950's in America". All courses focused on the art and poetry of each period.

Miami University of Ohio BFA
Painting and Drawing


SOS ART 2019 (Cincinnati,OH) Art for Social Justice Art Academy of Cincinnati Galleries May/June 2019

/just to be alive/ an exhibition of the contemporary female artist 1638 Gallery (Cincinnati, OH) March through May 2019

SOS ART 2018 (Cincinnati,OH)
Art for Social Justice
Art Academy of Cincinnati Galleries
May/June 2018

SOS ART 2017 (Cincinnati, OH)
Art for Social Justice
Art Academy of Cincinnati Galleries
May/June 2017

"Summerfair Select"
Summerfair Grant Award Exhibition
Weston Art Gallery/Aronoff Center
April 2017

"Explorations in Color"
NKU Fine Arts Center Main Gallery
NKU (Highland Heights, KY)
4 person Show
February/March 2017

SOS ART 2016 (Cincinnati, OH)
Art for Social Justice
Art Academy of Cincinnati Galleries
May/June 2016

Artists as Activists Exhibition
The Herndon Gallery at Antioch College (Yellow Springs, OH)
Curated by: Saad Ghosen
December 2015/January 2016

"Variable Proportions"
School of Art Faculty Exhibition
Reed Gallery/DAAP/University of Cincinnati
August/October 2015

"144 Reunion Exhibition"
bG Art Gallery (Santa Monica, CA)
January 2015

2 Person Show
CCAC Art Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
May/June 2014

SOS ART 2014 (Cincinnati, OH)
Art for Social Justice
Art Academy of Cincinnati Galleries
May/June 2014

50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement
YWCA Women's Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
October 2013/January 2014

CCAC Art Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
The Golden Ticket Juried Exhibition
Awarded Best of Show Award by Juror: Aaron Betsky (Director of Cincinnati Art Museum)
September/October 2013

SOS ART 2013 (Cincinnati, OH)
Art for Social Justice
Art Academy of Cincinnati Galleries
May/June 2013

CCAC Art Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
The Golden Ticket Juried Exhibition
September/October 2012

Appleton Art Gallery (Portsmouth, OH)
Vern Riffe Center for the Arts at Shawnee State University
February 2012
One Person Show: "The Bukowski Paintings: the days run away like wild horses over the hills"

Women's Club of Cincinnati
Faculty Show
January-February 2012

Appleton Art Gallery (Portsmouth, OH)
Vern Riffe Center for the Arts at Shawnee State University
November 2012
"She Said"

2011 Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition
July 2011
Professional Award for "I wanted yellow singing and the sun"
Jim & Maggie Creek and Elizabeth Schrim Award

The Weston Art Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
March 25-June 15,  2011
"Narrative Figuration"
(Curated by Danny Brown)

Bleicher/Golightly Art Gallery (Santa Monica, CA)
March 18, 2011
Exhibition of Small Works
Auction by the Bay curated by David Gorman

YWCA of Greater Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)
January 21-April, 2011
2 person show with Laurance Deprez-Zenezini

Blue Five Design (West Los Angeles, CA)
January 8-February 6, 2011
"144 Show"

Women's Club of Cincinnati
Faculty Show
January-February 2011

Pendleton Art Center (Rising Sun, IN)
October 1-29, 2010 6th Juried Art Show
Juror: Ruth K. Meyer
First Price Award

Thunder-Sky, Inc. (Northside, OH)
June 25-September 17, 2010
“Kitty Cat Extravaganza: Art by Cat-Lovers” (benefit)
(curated by Antonio Adams, Melanie Derrick & Millicent Straub Larson)

Sandra Small Gallery (Covington, KY)
January 8-February 12, 2010
“Interior View”
(curated by Daniel Brown)

Bromwell’s Art Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
November/December 2009

Bromwell's Art Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
September/October 2009
"The Unclothed Figure"

Suder's Art Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
June 2009
Solo Exhibition

Summerfair Select Exhibit at the Marx Gallery (Covington, KY)
November 2 to November 17, 2007
"An Exhibition of Winners"

Manifest Art Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
June 8 to July 6, 2007
"Magnificent SEVEN"

Northern Kentucky University
May through June 2006
"In Recovery"
Juror: Alex Jarman

Art Design Consultants, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)
July through August 2004
"the human form"

At the Mansion Art Gallery (Fort Wright, KY)
June through August 2001
one person show

Fitton Center for the Creative Arts (Hamilton, OH)
October/November 2000
"Feed the Body, Feed the Soul"/Benefit Exhibition for The Hunger Project

Behringer-Crawford Museum (Covington, KY)
August/September 2003
Devou Park Fresh Exhibition

Beringer-Crawford Museum (Covington, KY)
August/September 2002
Devou Park Fresh Art Exhibition
Best of Show

Behringer-Crawford Museum  (Covington, KY)
August/September 2001
Devou Park Fresh Art Exhibition

Christ Hospital (Cincinnati, OH)
May 2000
"Women Artists at Mid-Career"

Fitton Center for the Creative Arts (Hamilton, OH)
April/May 2000
Greater Hamilton County Art Exhibit 2000
Merit Award

Behringer-Crawford Museum (Covington, KY)
August/September 2000
Devou Park Fresh Art Exhibition

Behringer-Crawford Museum (Covington, KY)
August/September 1998
Devou Park Fresh Art Exhibition

F&W Publications (Cincinnati, OH)
October 1998
Solo Show

Kaldis Gallery (Cincinnati)
September 1997
Two person exhibition of figurative art
with Carin Hebenstreit

Carnegie Art Center (Covington, KY)
June 1997
"Figure 15"

Chidlaw Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
Art Academy of Cincinnati
September 1996
Faculty Exhibit

Chidlaw Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
Art Academy of Cincinnati
September 1995
Faculty Exhibit

Exo Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
Art Academy of Cincinnati
September 1994
Faculty Exhibit

University Main Gallery (Highland Heights, KY)
Northern Kentucky University
September 1994

KZF Boardroom (Cincinnati, OH)
March through December 1993
60" X 96" charcoal drawing  in boardroom

KZF Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
March through July 1993
"Plays of Passion"

University Main Gallery (Highland Heights, KY)
Northern Kentucky University
July 1993
"On View"

The Machine Shop Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
May through June 1993

Tangeman Fine Arts Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
May 1993
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

Liberties Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
December through January 1993
One person show

University Main Gallery (Highland Heights, KY)
Northern Kentucky University
September 1992
"Figures: an Exploration of the Human Form"

840 Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
April 1992
"Life Drawing"

The Machine Shop Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)
March 1992

4th Street Gallery /Carl Solway Annex (Cincinnati, OH)
January through February 1992
"New Works"
two person show

Maurice Jewelers Gallery (Covington, KY) December through February 1992
one person show

4th Street Gallery/Carl Solway Annex (Cincinnati, OH)
April through June 1991
"Open Spaces, Private Places"
three person show

University Main Gallery (Highland Heights, KY)
Northern Kentucky University
  Faculty Exhibition - 1995
  Faculty Exhibition - 1994
  Faculty Exhibition - 1993
  Faculty Exhibition - 1991
  Faculty Exhibition - 1990
  Faculty Exhibition - 1989

COLLECTIONS (selections from)
Barbara & Ethan Stanley
Jenny & David Zorn
Jean Grooms
Val & Bill Sena
Amy Warner & Michael Haney
Trish & Kevin Rigdon
Helen Graves
Holly Smithwick-Roy
Mel & Marilyn Gallant
Donald Beck
Danny Brown
Jane Brown
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Kazior
Re-Max Affiliates
Mailender, Inc.
Dr. Lorrie Blair
David Knight
Lynne Shapiro
Cincinnati Bell Telephone
Charles Nicholson
Marianne Richardson
Calvin Wiegold II
Todd Bezold
Millicent Straub
Peter Allen
Natalie Ceja
Margaret Davis
Linda & David Sanders
Charlie Berger
Peggy Marquette
Ruthie Deutscher
Jennifer King
Martha and Jack Newfield

REVIEWS & ARTICLES (as subject)

April 21, 2017 blog FieldTrip
    a student led art forum of Greater Cincinnati
    "Open Casket Controversy at the Whitney" Conversations
    written by Ryan Kerr

March 2017 issue  AEQAI.com
    "Explorations in Color" Exhibiton at NKU Main Gallery
    review of by Daniel A. Burr

Mercredi,23mai2016  Le Mag, Agenda Culturel
    "SOS Art Liban 2016: appel aux artistes libanais"
    SOS Art exhibition reviewed in Lebanon

May 2014 Issue AEQAI.com
    "Raveled.Unraveled at the Clifton Art Center"
    2 person show
     review by Jane Durrell

May 2011 issue AEQAI.com
    "An Appreciation:  Is he a misogynist or is he not?"  
    essay on De Kooning Women paintings by Tina Tammaro
Sunday, October 16, 2011 Cincinati Enquirer
    "How does Rothko inspire you?"
2011 Fine Arts Catalog Ohio State Fair
January 21, 2011 Weekend Magazine Cincinnati Enquirer
     "Balancing the Real with the Abstract" review of YWCA exhibition
Volume 17 Issue 21 April 6 - 12, 2011 CityBeat
      "Getting Real: The magic of Realism at the Weston Art Gallery"
       review by Selena Reder page 24
February 2010 Issue AEQAI
     “Interior Views at the Sandra Small Gallery”
      review by Karen Chambers
February 2008 Create Better Paintings.com
     "7 Things" September 2008 Cincinnati Enquirer
     Art Blog Sara Pearce's review of Summerfair Show
     (included reproduction of "I am filled with space")
July 2001 Cincinnati Magazine
    "Different Strokes" by Elissa Sonnenberg
    (article about local portrait artists) pp.90-96
 2005 Kentucky Post
     Art Grant Winner (profile as winner of both Summerfair and Kentucky Women's grants)
May 1997 Cincinnati Enquirer
     Art Review by Owen Findsen (Carnegie Art Center Nude show)
May 1997 City Beat
     Art Review (Carnegie Art Center Nude show)
January 1992 Art Academy News
     "Art and Society" by Daniel Brown
November 1991 Art Academy News
     "Art and Society" by Daniel Brown

PUBLICATIONS (selection from over 60 published articles in a variety of international art magazines)
Spring 2008
Feature Article
"Turning Students into Artists at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts'

The Drawing Board
July 2005
"Lessons of the Masters"
Giovanni Piazzetta

The Artist's Magazine
October 2004
Master Class column
Meindert Hobbema

December 2003
Master Class column
Edvard Munch

October 2003
Master Class column
Charles Burchfield

July 2003
Master Class column
Piet Mondrian

May 2003
Master Class column
Odilon Redon

December 2002
Master Class column
Francisco de Goya

September 2002
Master Class column
Max Beckmann

July 2002
Master Class column
Edouard Vuillard

June 2002
Master Class column
James Abbott McNeill Whistler

March 2002
Feature story with: Ross Merrill & Christopher Schink
"Cover Classics: Raeburn, Avery and Cuyp"

November 2001
Master Class column
Henri Matisse

July 2001
Special Section: Painting Surfaces
Support Your Oils

May 2001
Feature Story (writer and artwork)
"The Quiet Mastery of Chardin"
Paint Like the Masters series

June 1999
Master Class column
Eugene Delacroix

April 1999
Master Class column
Camille Pissarro

November 1998
Cover Story and Feature Article (writer and artwork)
Paint like the Masters: Mastering Contrast"
Jan Vermeer

October 1998
Master Class column
George Inness

August 1998
Master Class column
Edward Hopper

May 1998
Master Class column
Andrew Wyeth

Watercolor Magic
February 2003
"10 Lessons You Can Learn from the Masters"

February 2001/Yearbook 2001
Feature Article (writer)
"Realism: Back in Vogue"